This week’s event is:

Azure Carp

Small Fry July

Event has ended.

1st Place Winner:

Dehwek – 59.5g (3 World Raid Boss Summons)

2nd Place Winner:

Fridericus – 49.4g (2 World Raid Boss Summons)

3rd Place Winner:

Souzou – 47.9g (1 World Raid Boss Summon)

4th Place Winner:

FunandFire  – 43.8g (15 Monster Remains)

5th Place Winner:

MartayCarlos  – 39.3g (12 Monster Remains)

6th Place Winner:

Bigduck73  – 38.8g (10 Monster Remains)

1. All fish must be acquired during the Fishing Event.

2. All fish submissions must come with a screenshot from the inventory screen. (See screenshot below)

Rewards for the Small Fry July:

Largest Azure Carp will receive: 3 Summoned World Raid Bosses
Second Largest Azure Carp will receive: 1 Summoned World Raid Boss
Third Largest Azure Carp will receive: 12 Monster Remains Bosses

Winners of the event must have a Wayvessel in Origin town in order to redeem prize.

Players will have the option to redeem prize at a later date in the case of: No Wayvessel or Class is Below Tier 8