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This week’s event is:

Fallen Champions I

Registration ends – TBD

Suggestions form will be reactivated once tournament has concluded.

Mandatory Requirements
➼ Must be able to stream to Discord. The Finals live stream will capture gameplay from Discord in lieu of no spectator mode currently being available in game. No audio is required (we will mute you anyway), just sharing screen on discord. You will be unable to progress to Finals day otherwise.


Tournament Format
➼ Round Robin for Qualifying. Single Elimination once Qualified

Battle Format
➼ Live 1v1 PvP
➼ Initial rounds; Best of 3 sets (first to 2), each set is best of 9 fights (first to 5)
➼ Grand Finals; Best of 5 sets (first to 3), each set is best of 9 fights (first to 5)
➼ Build changes are allowed between sets

Organizing Matches
➼ Opposing players to organize agreeable time for initial round fights, and post in relevant tournament channel.
➼ There is nobody really doing live arena solo, so you should be able to enter live arena and get the correct match-up at organized time.
➼ Results should be agreed and posted by both players in relevant tournament channel.

Prize Pool – Per Tier
1st – 25 Summoning Scrolls
2nd – 10 Summoning Scrolls
3rd – 5 Summoning Scrolls & 10 Monster Remains
4th – 5 Summoning Scrolls

As this is our first tournament rules subject to change, we will do our best to communicate any rule changes to participants as soon as possible.

Rewards for The Falling I:

Prize Pool – Per Tier
1st – 25x Summoning Scrolls
2nd – 10x Summoning Scrolls
3rd – 5x Summoning Scrolls
4th – 5x Summoning Scrolls 10x Monster Remains

Winners of the event must have a Wayvessel in Origin town in order to redeem prize.

Players will have the option to redeem prize at a later date in the case of: No Wayvessel or Class is Below Tier 8