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This week’s event is:

Pumpkinhead Carving

Event is over.

Winner of the Pumpkinhead carving event:

by FknKaine

  1. Pumpkin must incorporate carving of some kind to be accepted. (Painting pumpkin will be accepted if used in conjunction with carving.)
  2. Carving must be submitted within the specified timeline.
  3. Carving must be Orna-RPG related.

Rewards for the Pumpkinhead Carving Event:

1st Place Carving will receive: 5 Summoned World Raid Bosses
2nd – 10th Place Carvings will receive: 2 Summoned World Raid Bosses

Winners of the event must have a Wayvessel in Origin town in order to redeem prize.

Players will have the option to redeem prize at a later date in the case of: No Wayvessel or Class is Below Tier 8