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Level 1-50 Speedrun

This week’s event is:

Level 1-50 Speedrun

Submissions will be accepted until December 18th

  1. Floating timer/stopwatch must be used within the recording.
  2. Time must be started before any actions have been taken in the Dungeon, although you may load the Dungeon first.
  3. First action must be completed at full hp/mana, to prevent instant redline/blueline from class switching before buffing phase.
  4. Time will be stopped on floor 100 mob Victory Screen.
  5. Normal Endless Mode.
  6. Any build changes during the run is allowed (class, spec, pet, gear, skills).

Event Submission Guide

Rewards for the Endless Dungeon 1-100 Speedrun:

1st : 5 World Raid Boss Summons
2nd: 3 World Raid Boss Summons
3rd : 1 World Raid Boss Summons
4th : 12 Monster Remains Summons

Winners of the event must have a Wayvessel in Origin town in order to redeem prize.

Players will have the option to redeem prize at a later date in the case of: No Wayvessel or Class is Below Tier 8