This week’s event is:

Level 1-50 Speedrun

Submissions will be accepted until December 18th

Orna level 50 Speedrun Rules

– The entire run MUST be recorded and uploaded to Youtube with no cuts or editing during gameplay.
– No in-app purchases
– No Parties
– No Kingdoms
– No using other character’s shops/buildings
– No utilizing anything regarding other characters outside of the arena.
– No using items on the ground in the world (Items layer off)

The timer starts as soon as you hit “Continue” on the new character name screen and finishes when the level-up message appears for level 50. An on-screen timer is recommended, however video timestamps will be used to determine your final time.

Rewards for the level 1-50 Speedrun:

1st : 3 World Raid Boss Summons
2nd: 1 World Raid Boss Summons
3rd : 5 Monster Remains

Winners of the event must have a Wayvessel in Origin town in order to redeem prize.

Players will have the option to redeem prize at a later date in the case of: No Wayvessel or Class is Below Tier 8